AIMDDA aims to unify all MD/MS/DNB or Medical Diploma doctors under its banner and represents all Postgraduate medical doctors recognized by Medical council of India. Through the Shanti verse below,we state our sincere motto-

Om Sahana bhavatu Sahanau Bhunaktu Saha Veeryam kara Vavahai

Tejasvi navadheetamastu ma vidvishavahai Om Shantihi Shantihi Shantihi the motto of AIMDDA is explicit –and applicable to our trade union of MD/MS /DNB DOCTORS/Medical diploma doctors as-There is no difference between us

We doctors shall unite together, shall work together, for the improvement of medical education sector in India,our glory is by working together, let our studies and research be of brilliance, let us not quarrel-let there be peace in and by our actions. AIMDDA is expected to ignite passionate minds involved in medical education, research and clinical studies throughout India. All MD or MS postgraduates are eligible to enroll for membership of the specialist doctor's Union. We seek to liase with Medical and Dental councils of India and abroad and various health organizations in our quest for harmonization of medical services and maintenance of world medical standards in India.    

Aims and broad objectives :


  1. To improve the overall working environment of all MD, MS, DNB, Medical diploma holders of all branches of medicine across India.

  2. To  recognize the academic social needs of the Doctor community by periodic assessments and implement measures to serve the needs

  3. To recognize the degrees of members of the association as at par with  International board certifications and implement CME programmes in Indian medical institutions and work for academic advancement of Indian Doctor community.

  4. To periodically liase with Medical associations and councils and other bodies in India and abroad to improve the overall welfare of allopathic MD/MS doctors/DNB doctors in India or abroad.

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