Executive Committee of AIMDDA : 

PRESIDENT- When a doctors union among medical college teachers for trade union activities was feared by most of us working under private managements,we saw a guiding force in 65year old Dr Vallyamma,who thought of a classless society of postgraduate medical doctors-MD/DNB under a single roof.Dr Vallyamma, Prof & HOD Biochemistry, Periyaram Medical College, Kerala. She is the guiding force,for the most of the works of the trade union AIMDDA.A great visionary ,she has envisioned this union to keep us,all under a single umbrella.Her guidance helps in posts of the association on yahoogroups and blogs of AIMDDA trade union of doctors.

1. Dr Vijayabhaskar, Proffessor & HOD  Biochemistry, Mamata Medical College, Khammam.
2. Dr Lincoln Deva kumar,ex- Prof & HOD Physiology, Hassan Institute of Medical Sciences, Hassan, Karnataka.573201

Dr Srinivas R Deshpande Associate Professor in Biochemistry MALABAR MEDICAL COLLEGE,MODAKKALLUR,ATHOLI,CALICUT DIST,KERALA.Has been with Dr Vallyamma,inspired by her ideas of a honest trade union,since 5years.
Joint secretaries-4

1. Dr B.G.Vittal, Assistant Professor Hassan Institute of Medical Sciences, Hassan, Karnataka.
2. Dr Dr Amruth.MS ( Gen.Medicine) Associate Prof in Medicine KIMS Hubli 580022
3. Dr Narendra MS (Gen Surg) MCh (Oncosurgery) Kasturba Medical College Manipal.
4. Dr Sumana. Assistant Prof in Anatomy, JJM Medical College, Davangere.

Treasurer: Dr Rajeshwari Eligar Assistant Professor in Anatomy, Karnataka Inst of Medical Sciences,Hubli 580022 Karnataka was the secretary for 2007-8.In 2009 January Dr Jeevankumar Shetty,MD Biochemistry,Assistant Professor at Biochemistry Dept,Manipal-instrumental in running the successful mdbiochemists yahoogroup,from KMC ,MANIPAL has taken over as the treasury.Also another treasurer Dr Gayathree L,an Assistant Professor in Microbiology at Hassan Institute of Medical Sciences,Hassan 573201 was appointed by the President to help Dr J.K.Shetty.

Friends of AIMDDA,please note the SB account number of All india MD/MS /DNB doctors association,Haralahally branch of State bank of Mysore number
is 6404011464. Kindly address your membership applications to either of the Treasurers or the secretary. 


Mediation centre-All India MD /MS doctors association proposes to start a Mediation centre for dispute resolution-ADR centre in legal terms is alternative dispute resolution centre meant for disputes between faculty or between faculty and institution employers or other employers.


We position ourselves as dispute resolvers for the benefit of medical society, and will not allow Faculty to be harassed by anyone. We are herewith drawing attention of faculty members and simultaneously inviting attention of various academic institutions, medical colleges for using our mediation centre. The mediation centre will be headed by President of AIMDDA Dr Vallyamma,and will be having 5 members.Aggreived faculty can present their problem with regard to their job ,employer to this non-profit body to aid dispute resolution amicably. The Colleges, academic institution have to pay sitting fees of Rs 500/- while aggrieved faculty shall pay Rs 100/- as fees to the mediation centre.


The mediation efforts will be done under the aegis of AIMDDA to avoid unnecessary court litigation or provide a inexpensive redressal mechanism to both staff and Employers. However ,both parties will have to sign an agreement ,before hand ,that ,the liability of the association is limited, and we will not be liable for following or non following of verdict of mediation centre, and our mediation centre advice can be ignored if both parties do not whole heartedly agree to the amicable settlement decided by AIMDDA .AIMDDA Centre for faculty welfare-will allow registration and attestation of documents between faculty and faculty or between faculty and
institute/college/academic trust/organization/clinic etc,and will endorse or
allow to forward a letter in public or faculty interest or to aid dispute redressal.E.g we will endorse document of understanding in non-judicial bond paper between a faculty and his management for a period of academic work, and will be a impartial judge for any misunderstandings resulting therefrom.We can try solve related misunderstanding amicably. The registration process will include provision of keeping a Xeroxed copy of AIMDDA attested document till period of
agreement ends. The Registration will allow a document to be numbered. Some otherletter to higher authority can be forwarded

All India Institute of MD Doctors teachers training course: AIIMDA- IMTT- will be contemplated in the future course of AIMDDA growth and will encompass a Medical education department comprised of distinguished eminent medical teachers. It will invite guest faculty from abroad, to conduct CME programmes.

HEAD QUARTERS: Registered office: Dr Srinivas R Deshpande, Secretary AIMDDA,c/o 65-1,Dr KL Naik, Nellipadavu,Next to Anugraha High School,Ujire,Belthangady,South Kanara-Dist : Karnataka. Membership Applications can be addressed to this address also.